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Three Story Remodel

Date Built: 2019

Location: New Town, North Dakota

Project Type: Complete Remodel

Remodeling a home tends to reignite the homeowner’s love for where they live, especially if the renovation is a complete make-over AND they get a new master-suite when it’s done. The inconvenience of moving out while the house is under construction becomes insignificant when they walk into their newly finished space.

This house was gutted and renovated in just under 4 months. We replaced literally everything and added a 200sf master suite above the garage. Wide, luxury vinyl planks we used for the flooring. This gives the look of hardwood and the durability of laminate – a sound choice for the wet winters in North Dakota.

The house is loaded with other custom features like closet organizers, large walk-in shower with custom tile work, granite countertops, solid wood doors, top of the line faucets and sinks, and a large outdoor deck big enough to host a barbecue.

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